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About All About Paint Painting CompanyHere are a list of questions that we get asked most often at All About Paint. If your question isn’t on this list, please feel free to call us at 417-880-7834. We will be happy to answer your questions personally.

Q. Can I get an estimate over the phone?

A. No. For your sanity and mine, we prefer to come to the jobsite and look at the work to be done personally. There are numerous factors to be considered when estimating your project. Also, if I see it before I bid on it, I can spot any trouble areas that might affect the quality of the paint job.

Q. If I get a bid from All About Paint how long is that price good for?

A. Most pricing on bids are good for 30 days unless otherwise stated on the bid form.
Q. Does someone have to be here when the work is being done?

A. Not at all. As long as we have a way to get into the house, if needed, we can perform the work without needing you there. Your home will be respected in the highest degree whether you are there or not.

Q. Does All About Paint have a warranty?

A. Yes. We give you a 10 year warranty on all labor. This is the longest warranty we know of in the area.

Q. Is your warranty transferrable?

A. Yes it is. On our website you will find how to transfer the warranty over. Basically, it is just letting All About Paint know in writing who it is being transferred to. This is a great selling point for homeowners trying to sell their property.

Q. Can All About Paint use "Store Brand X" paint that I buy personally?

A. Yes. We can use any paint that you want. However, if we don’t use our standard paint, we can only give a 2 year warranty on the work. We use top quality paint, and we trust this paint enough to put a 10 year warranty on it. But paint bought at big box stores and such, we can only give a 2 year warranty.

Q. Do you clean up after the job and haul off all of the trash?

A. Yes. I don't know how many times I've heard that someone had hired a painter in the past and when that painter finished they just left the empty paint cans, used tape, paper, etc. We will not do that! We haul off everything that you don't want.

Q. Do you haul off all of the left over paint?

A. We can. But we always try to leave you with enough paint for touch-ups in the future. But if you don't want any paint left over, we take it and donate it to Habitat for Humanity if it is in good condition.

Q. Am I going to see several different people when I use All About Paint for my project?

A. No. When you get a bid, you will meet Don Goddard, the owner. After that, depending on scope of the project, you will only see up to two other employees. All three of them will be dependable, honest, and will treat you and your home with respect.

Q. Do you do anything besides painting?

A. Yes. We do wallpaper removal, staining, paint stripping, driveway cleaning, etc. There are a lot of different things we do. Give us a call at 417-880-7834 if you have any questions on whether we can help you on your project.

If you are looking for an experienced Springfield painter then please call 417-880-7834 or complete our our online request form.