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3 Effective Ways To Connect Paint Colors With Room Purpose – All About Painting

May 16, 2023 at 4:42 pm | Category: Color Consultation, Interior Painting

3 Effective Ways To Connect Paint Colors With Room Purpose

Kitchen Interior Painting

Hiring a professional painting company should be more than finding expert paint application technicians. When you work with pros like All About Paint LLC, you get the color consultation services you need to make good choices about your paint colors.

No matter how high-quality the paint is or how beautiful the color is, you need to give some thought to how it will work for the room you’re painting to avoid being disappointed. Our goal is to walk you through the decision-making process for colors for interior painting, whether you’re painting one room or the entire house.

Choosing Colors That Create Cohesion

It’s lovely to be able to surround yourself with your favorite colors. However, if you don’t use careful planning, those colors could soon fall out of favor for you, and you’ll be hurrying to repaint as quickly as possible.

Here are some color selection tips to help make sure your paint works for the intended room and purpose:

  • Use the 60-30-10 rule!
    In painting, 60% of the room will be the dominant color, 30% should be the secondary or supporting selection, and 10% should be the trim. If your favorite color is something bold or trendy, consider using it for the trim, so you don’t get as tired of it, and it’s easier to repaint if you grow tired of it.
  • Think about the mood!
    Reds and vibrant hues are great – in the right setting. If you’re painting your bedroom, think again. Choose relaxing and soothing colors for bedrooms and save bold, fun shades for your exercise room, family game room, or creative work space.
  • Consider other rooms, especially for open floor plans!
    There’s nothing worse than giving each room its own bold color but then realizing you can see these clashing colors from one space to the next. When in doubt, use subtle neutrals to better tie rooms together. You can still use trim paint or accent decor for brazen colors.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact All About Paint LLC to learn more about paint options. Schedule your color consultation with our team before getting started. Call us in Springfield for the best service from a local painting company.