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How To Choose Manly-Man Colors For Your Garage Man Cave Makeover

June 5, 2018 at 6:16 pm | Category: Interior Painting

manly-colors-for-garage-paintingSo, you’ve got drywall on the garage walls and turning the space into a man cave on the agenda. Now it’s time to pick out paint colors and you’re stumped – like most of us would be. Most guys are fed up with the same old boring manly browns, so something more colorful would be great. What masculine paint colors will work in your new space? Do you want something sophisticated or something casual?

Well, that all depends on what you plan to do after your garage has been turned into a cool man cave. Will you be running power tools for hobbies or just hanging out to relax in front of the world’s largest Ultra HDTV? Regardless of the look you are going for, choosing paint colors that won’t look girly is important – after all, it is your space.

Here are a few manly-man colors to consider for your garage man cave makeover.

Dark Gray With Shades of Lighter Gray

Gray is a sophisticated color, making it great for a man cave if you plan to entertain. With gray, you can add in pops of color…say, from your favorite football team? What’s great about gray and shades of gray is that the color goes with so many other colors really well.

With gray, adding a touch of metal gives you even more style. Silver or chrome light fixtures and curtain rods with accent pieces like a clock or picture frames look great with gray. Be careful though, gray paint can look feminine if used the wrong way, like with frilly white trim, curtains or linens, and you don’t want that for your new man cave!

Blue-Green & Black

There are many shades of blue-green paint colors you can use to make your man cave look masculine. If you stick to those with more black shading in them, you’ll avoid the bright blue-greens that look like women’s jewels and the light blue-greens that look like they belong in the powder room.

For highlight paints, look at a color with subtle gray, blue/green undertones and pair it with something like Benjamine Moore’s Dark Harbor or After Midnight.

Black is a wonderful paint color to go well with a manly shade of blue/green paint. Use the black as you like whether it’s with furnishings, built-in bookshelves, artwork, or draperies but it can be very bold if you use it on all the man cave walls.

Go Bold With Red

If you want to turn your old garage into a super modern man cave, go with red. There are so many shades of red to choose from, all the way to red-orange, that look fantastic. Don’t be afraid to go bold with red! Did you know that men are reported to find red an alluring color? Make all your friends jealous with a gorgeous bold color. With some strategically placed blue LED lighting, your new man cave will be amazing.

If you are looking for an experienced painter for your man cave garage makeover in the Springfield, MO area, call All About Paint at 417-880-7834 or complete our online request form. We can help you choose manly paint colors!