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How Long Will My Interior Repaint Take In Springfield, Missouri?

September 10, 2016 at 9:22 am | Category: Interior Painting

How Long Will My Interior Repaint Take In Springfield, Missouri?

Interior Repaint

There are many variables that need to be considered when estimating the time it would take to complete a painting project.

Determining how long your interior repaint will take in Springfield, Missouri is as easy as knowing exactly what you need to have painted. We’ll take a look at a typical Springfield, Missouri home with 1500 square feet of interior space.

Walls Only
The time it would take to paint the walls in a typical 1500 square foot home is about 5-7 days. It would mainly depend on the condition of the walls.  How much damage, nail holes, texture issues, etc., and how much work it will take to get the surface to a paintable condition. Heavy damage can add up to 2 days to the project.  Homes with relatively few nail holes or damage can be prepped in a shorter time frame.

Depending on the amount of damage or staining, a typical home’s ceilings can be repainted within 2-4 days; even less if the walls are being painted.

The amount of time it would take to paint the trim would depend on if it is being repainted or converted from stain to paint. A repaint of the trim can be done within 4-6 days, depending on if there is crown moulding or not. A stain-to-paint conversion can take upwards of 2 weeks.  This is due to the process of needing to sand the trim, prime it correctly, caulk it and apply the top coat.

Doors and windows follow the same rules as trim. The amount of time a project can take would depend on if the trim is being repainted or being converted from stained. The detail of the doors can also come into play, as well.

Unfortunately, when combining different areas to be painted, you can’t really add the estimated times together. There are different processes your contractor can use when tackling each individual project.  That makes it tough to put into words how any given combination would go. But, to get a good estimate of how long any project would take just give us a call at 417-880-7834 and schedule an estimate. Or, click here to schedule an estimate online.