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Painting Interior Doors & Adding Depth To Your Design

January 10, 2018 at 4:24 pm | Category: Interior Painting, Interior Staining

Painting Interior Doors

For the longest time, homeowners have settled for the basic neutral white that most interior doors come available in. It pairs well with whatever interior design aesthetics are planned, without stealing any of the spotlight.

However, now more and more homeowners are seeing their interior doors as a way to branch out and extend their sense of creative expression. Gone are the days when a subtle wood stain or basic white is the only possible option.

What You Should Know About Colors for Interior Doors

As with picking wall colors, you have to still be careful when it comes to color selection for interior doors.

Neutral tones are still best for interior doors that frequently remain open. This helps them blend better and means you have a color that works well with both rooms the door is between. Other than that, you can get more creative with your color choices,

French doors are ideal for painting, whether they lead to an outdoor living space or another part of the home, as long as they are usually left closed. You may want to paint both sides a different color, according to the look of that particular room. This can help create cohesiveness for tying different elements of a room together, such as the doors and a fireplace.

A good look is keeping the walls a lighter hue and making the doors dark and dramatic. Just make sure the doors are are in good condition and worthy of stealing the show, because this interior design move will make them at least one of the focal points of the room.

Keep in mind, opting for a bold color for your interior doors could end up making the space feel smaller. Keep it subtle for tiny areas, and save the vibrant hues for more wide open spaces.

Plenty of doors and doorways with interesting architectural details are worthy of becoming the focal point. In fact, in these instances, going with just white does this type of beautiful work a disservice.

Need More Advice?

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